An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company


Vintek Control Systems Profile
Established in the year 2004 under sole proprietorship of Mr.A.M Kariyappa. Vintek comes under the SSI group offering state-of art infrastructure facilities to Design, Manufacture, Test and commissioning of Automation and Control panels system, LT Breaker panels, Control panels, PCC's, Draw Out and Non Draw Out type MCC's, PDB's, DB's, Drive Panels, Control Desk's, Consoles, Pandent's, Generator Control panels relay and Metering panels, PLC/SCADA based automation panels and much more.

Vintek possesses the requisite cutting edge technology  for Integrating the automation system for various applications in many of the industries  

Vintek Team adopts  the change in technology by continuously upgrading its standards and services, helps in delivering  its clients high quality, cost effective services and support.


Our Vision
Vintek Control Systems seeks to empower the industrial world leveraging its wealth of expertise and experience to fuel the growth of electrical and automation industry in the country. Vintek aims at growing aggressively in its areas of focus, while exploring new horizons as well. Vintek is committed to enhancing  its customer's business by providing unrivalled, value added solutions and remaining true to its core values of integrity and innovation.

State of the art Electrical Control Panel and Automation Development Center at Dabaspet Bangalore Rural.

  • Total geographical are 35,000 Sq ft
  • Production are 10,000 Sq ft
  • Engineering are 2,000 sq ft
  • Landscape are 3,000 Sq ft
  • Future Expansion are 15,000 Sq ft

Testing and Measuring Instruments

  • Digital MultiMeter
  • Insulation Tester (MEGGAR)
  • Continuity Tester
  • Tong Tester
  • Primary Testing Kit
  • H.V Tester
  • FERRULE Printing machines
  • Bending Machines
  • Hydraulic Power pack
  • 3HP Havy Duty Cut off Machines
  • Hydraulic Busbar bending machines
  • Hydraulic Busbar Punching Machines
  • Standalone Drilling machines
  • Hand Drilling Machines
  • Crimping Tools
  • Cutting Tools
  • Grinders
  • Compressor
  • Air Blower
  • Hot Air Guns
Our People
At Vintek we have strength of 25 member's professional work force that's driven by passion, backed with management expertise and armed with skills that enable them to take pride in their success. The Company's varied information system technologies, Engineering and manufacturing expertise, combined with its ability to effectively operate and manage client facilities and support functions, are undoubtedly the key factors that have nurtured the company to excel in a comprehensive range of services.